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If you're looking for a free shooter on Steam this weekend, check out Insurgency


If you're looking for something to do this weekend, login to Steam and participate in the Free Weekend event for Insurgency. In other words, it's normally $14.99, but right now it's free-to-play all weekend through August 11, and it's on sale for $7.49. 

Developer New World Interactive -- which sounds like a wrestling group that would go up against D-Generation X -- has also released a new, free DLC for Insurgency called HuntHunt features the Hunt cooperative game mode that has players performing stealthy night raids on Insurgent hideouts. You can watch the trailer for it below. 

The Hunt update also includes two new multiplayer maps, six cooperative maps, updates to existing maps, underbarrel grenade and smoke launchers, a new weapon optic, gameplay improvements and more. 

In an update to their Steam page for Insurgency, New World Interactive founder Jeremy Blum hinted at next-gen/console versions when he said, "Although the game may be considered a 'finished' product, we are constantly evolving our vision and looking forward to growing in the years to come. We have 'next-gen' and console ambitions. Whether or not we stay on the same engine, we will see, but on thing we know is this is just the beginning."

You can read our full review of Insurgency HERE. You can also check out their Steam page

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