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If you like magical space cowboys, you’re going to love WildStar’s Spellslinger


Hey, if you like your ranged assassins to be highly mobile in MMOs, you’re going to want to take a gander at WildStar’s double gun wielding class - the Spellslinger. This light armor wearing killer is a mixture of an interdimensional wizard and a cowboy... HOW DOES THAT NOT CATCH YOUR ATTENTION!? Sorry.

If you can catch the Spellslinger, they will be crushed like little soft dolls. The key phrase in that statement is the whole “if you can catch” part; they are quite slippery. They can literally enter a different dimension where only other Spellslingers can go and just... you know, hang out. Besides giving their foes the ol' pistol rundown, they can also switch places with their enemies, bust out some crowd control, charge up for stronger attacks, or simple circle strafe for days.

Are you somehow still not convinced? Check out the DevSpeak video below and become a believer. 

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