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If you hate Flappy Bird, you'll love Squishy Bird


Flappy Bird is all the rage right now. Go ahead, look at the iTunes or Google Play store and you'll see the brutally addicting, painfully frustrating game atop the game charts. I don't understand why, but people love this game. Or maybe they just love the frustration brought on by it.

For those unfamiliar, the gameplay consists of you simply tapping the screen to help navigate a stupid yellow bird through green Mario-looking pipes. Touch a pipe and you lose. Seriously, that's it. I've played the game four times -- all on a friend's phone as I refuse to download it -- and my top scores: 0, 2, 2, and 4. I hate it.

And if you do too, then you should check out Squishy Bird, a new "game" for the PC in which you don't guide a single bird through a pipe, but rather mercilessly slaughter dozens of these stupid-looking birds by clamping the pipes together, crushing their pointless little brains into oblivion. It's wonderful.

What's more, there's even some strategy involved! By clamping the pipes shut you can deflect a bird, making it worth even more value when you do crush it. Also, squishing multiple birds at once will reward you with more points. 


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