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If Don Draper made ads for GTA 5's cars, they'd probably look like this

Don Draper Mad Men

When it comes to advertising, Don Draper is king. Now I'm not saying Redditor Vezuvius is as talented as the character Jon Hamm plays in AMC's Mad Men, but this kid is pretty darn good. Just saying -- there's some talent here.

Vezuvius showed off some of his skills over on Reddit where he hosted a number of mock advertisements for cars in Grand Theft Auto 5. What's more, the creator explained that inspiration was drawn from "their real life counter parts," some from the 50s and 60s -- so the comparison is warranted.

"A few of them I made up (Sentinel Droptop), some are from the game (9F) and most of them are the real life counterparts slogans," Vezuvius clarified.

If anything, this serves as a nice reminder for the many different cars are your disposal in the game and the various types of landscapes you can encounter. Below are a few of my favorites, but head over to the gallery for a full look. I'd say Don Draper would be proud, but who am I kidding? Don Draper is only proud of one man, and his name is Don Draper.

GTA 5 car ad

GTA 5 car ad

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