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Idling in Destiny will get you killed, you know


Destiny’s beta was home to grinding, raiding, anxious exploration and plenty more, but as a recent post from Reddit user Rarbox 5 points out, the game is also a playground for dubiousness.

Maybe you get a call from a friend, maybe you’ve got to check on dinner; whatever it is, you have to put your game down for a minute. What could happen, right? Rarbox5 and his evil friend, that’s what. They took the time to “walk” an AFK player—abusing the game’s hitboxes and walking animations—off a rather high ledge, leaving the unwitting victim with quite the nasty surprise for their return.

The best part is that the trick was only possible thanks to the two of them—one pushing the prankee forward and the other keeping him pressed against the rail.

[Reddit via Kotaku]

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