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id Software Unleashes Wolfenstein 3D Classic on the iPhone

March 25, 2009

id Software Unleashes Wolfenstein 3D Classic on the iPhone

id Software has announced that they are unleashing Wolfenstein 3D Classic for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The “grandfather of first person shooters” will now feature your choice of all new touch and tilt-based controls personally developed by technical visionary and id Software founder, John Carmack.

John recently said “Not very long ago, it was an open question if classic first person shooter play styles could be adapted to the touch and tilt controls of the iPhone and still remain fun, so I set out to find the answer with a small research project based on our classic Wolfenstein 3D game. It quickly became apparent that it could work out very well indeed, and it was a lot of fun to grow the project from a little experiment into a full-fledged product. To me, the iPhone is the most exciting new platform in ages, and I am very much looking forward to bringing our entire historic series of titles over, as well as brand new work.”

Wolfenstein 3D Classic is non-stop action and all of the memorable enemies are there for players to conquer from Hans Grosse to MechaHitler! As OSA super agent B.J. Blazkowicz, players must escape from Castle Wolfenstein and defeat the twisted Nazi regime. The game includes all six original episodes with 60 classic levels and unforgettable weapons like the brutal chain gun that still define action gaming today. Also, a new top down map shows where you have been in each level while players can search for hidden secrets that reveal stolen Nazi treasure, health packs, ammo and weapons, or even short cuts.

Fans can expect a lot more from id Software in future releases of their world renowned games now coming to the iPhone. Wolfenstein 3D Classic is just the first in a series of unforgettable games under the “id Classic” label that they plan to release. Watch for upcoming information about id Software’s other classic properties, including DOOM and QUAKE coming soon.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic is currently available at the iPhone app store for $4.99 and can be accessed at

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