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id Software "Exploring" the Android Space


A job posting on Gamasutra hints at the possibility of id looking to develop Android-based games. The most likely title seems to be Rage, the game currently in development by Carmack's studio that also happens to be in the process of being ported over to the iPhone.

Below are excerpts from the job description:

id Software is looking for a talented and experienced programmer to help bring our next big Mobile game to the Android space.

id Software is exploring the Android space and looking for someone with strong Android experience who wants to pioneer with id Mobile.

The Android programmer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with existing id Mobile engines, bringing Mobile development to Android, developing requirements for new systems, engaging in iterative development in Java & C++, writing documentation and supporting the content developers professionally. The Android programmer should be proactive and prepared to take accountability for the development activities assigned.

It's also likely that "exploring" the Android space simply means they are looking at different possibilities. Still, if history has any say, Carmack & Co. are definitely interested in mobile gaming.

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