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id Software posts job ad for next-gen project


What's id Software cooking up now? According to a job listing on the ZeniMax Careers page, a next-generation project, that's what.

As explained on the job ad, the developer is looking for experienced UI developers to "work on cutting-edge technology" for an upcoming title. Unfortunately, the details end there, and we have no idea what this game could be.

Aside from passion, experience, and all that other stuff that game makers need to cut it in this business, id is requesting people who are familiar with its previous endeavors. In other words, the game could be anything from Doom, Rage, and Wolfenstein to a completely new title.

I've never actually played many of id's previous games, but I was a huge fan of Rage and feel that it was severely underrated. With that said, I look forward to seeing what the studio has got planned for the next generation of consoles.


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