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iControlPad Adds Button Functionality to Touch Phones


In development exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch since 2008, the iControlPad has finally arrived, and a couple of noteworthy changes have been made to the device that is meant to eliminate clunky touch screen controls. The first change is the attachment's appearance, which has been finalized. Secondly, the peripheral will now support the Blackberry Touch, G1, and other similarly-shaped phones. Last but certainly not least, though the device will clamp on to handheld devices, it will function via Bluetooth.

This accessory is sure to bring smiles to the faces of those who just can't bear the touch screen interface of their mobile devices. Unfortunately, not all software will be compatible with the iControlPad, so don't expect all of your games to switch to the controller accessory's button functionality.

The iControlPad ships next week on February 16 and is priced at $74.99.


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