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Ico Pumpkin is a Work of Halloween Art


If you thought the coolest Ico thing this month would be the HD remake for the Playstation 3... well, you'd be right. That's downright awesome. But coming in a close second is this crazy pumpkin carving by DeviantArt user 'ceemdee.'

The pumpkin showcases a pretty much perfect rendition of the game's original box-art (as oppossed to the fugy American version), with our boy in horns dragging his mute friend through a strange Picasso-esque landscape. The level of detail here is staggering, especially after seeing how it looks with the lights on, with the certain carving depths visible, allowing for more light to shine through, creating the pallate of various oranges seen here.

So while you're out this Halloween and see the pathetic excuses for Jack o' Lanterns the neighborhood kids have put together, feel free to reflect back on this work of art, and know somebody out there is elevating the holiday to an art form.

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