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I-Play Announces the Debut of Numba on the Apple App Store

July 10, 2008

I-Play Announces the Debut of ‘Numba’ on the Apple App Store

I-play announced that Numba, an entertaining new puzzle game, will be available today exclusively through Apple’s App Store. Numba is the first of a number of new games that are being developed by I-play for iPhone and iPod touch.

“Innovative in its use of unique iPhone and iPod touch features, Numba exemplifies our approach to publishing quality entertainment,” said Don Ryan, chief operating officer, I-play. “These devices offer a revolutionary opportunity for mobile gaming and we are delighted to partner with Cobra Mobile to make Numba available at the launch of the Apple App Store.”

Numba is an exciting new puzzle game that seamlessly incorporates the functionality of both the accelerometer and the innovative Multi-Touch user interface found in the iPhone and iPod touch, the result of which is an entirely new way to interact with a game. For example, if a player runs out of combinations to match, thanks to Numba’s innovative use of the accelerometer, they can simply shake their iPhone or iPod Touch to jumble the puzzle board and create endless new combinations. With the innovative Multi-Touch user interface, creating combinations and making matches is as simple as dragging a finger across the screen. With 80 different puzzles and three different game play modes, Numba offers hours of challenging and entertaining game play.

Developed by Cobra Mobile and published by I-play, Numba can be purchased for just $9.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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