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I Am Alive gets a release date for PSN

I Am Alive had been released earlier this month on the Xbox Live Arcade leaving  PS3 users left out in the cold when it comes to the post-apocalyptic survival  game but not for much longer. Ubisoft has officially announced the date the game will be released on to the PlayStation Network. The game will arrive in roughly 3 weeks putting the date at April 4. If you are a member of PlayStation Plus then you receive a 20% discount, though, the standard price has yet to be set.

If you haven't been informed as to what I Am Alive was about, let us fill you in. I Am Alive is set in a post-apocalyptic world that's near barren in every context of the word. This much you can gather from the trailer, what you don't see is that the game follows a man that is searching through the rubble of what's left for his missing wife and daughter. You also don't see that the the game relies on managing your stamina as well as the resources you gather. Combat in the game isn't centered around the usual fight or flight tactics, it's actually based off of intimidation. I Am Alive is filled with random encounters and will keep you pushing forward through out gameplay.

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