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I agree, Nintendo. That was... "different"

The word of the day from Nintendo was "unique." Satoru Iwata spoke in what was probably the worst PowerPoint presentation I've ever seen. It was all about the Wii U (no name change, unfortunately) and its new, redesigned gamepad — named the Wii U Gamepad. I haven't actually held the Wii U gamepad yet, and hopefully I do so in two days, but it looks huge.

wii u gamepad e3 2012

I big feature that was shown off was the analogue stick that can be pressed in for an extra button... because we haven't seen that before. I just can't picture playing a game for a few hours with that huge tablet. I have a baby on the way. With my first son, I could hold him and a controller at the same time. It's how I got my gaming done. With this next child, I don't see how I could do that with the Wii U Gamepad.

Keeping up with the "unique" theme, they showed off how you can used the gamepad as a camera to chat via tv. Also, we saw a bunch of footage we've already seen. Miiverse — which they felt was necessary to explain that it was Mii Universe — was also talked about a bit. WTF is it... a chatroom? It's Xbox Live with notes. That's what it is. I really want to like the Wii U, but Nintendo isn't making it easy. I think their downfall might be that they try to incorporate "Mii" or "Wii" into everything and every name for a feature that they do.

Also, when they have an insanely cheesy video showing a guy talking to a grandpa and his action figure, you kinda lose me. I don't remember the last time I looked up a cheat code. It's like Nintendo just wants to make gaming simpler. There really wasn't a lot of information that got me excited, and the internet — especially Reddit and Twitter — are cracking me up with the comments about how silly this whole E3 announcement was. Let's hope Nintendo has a ton up their sleeve for their actually E3 presentation.

Until then, enjoy a few pictures from the pre-E3 announcment.

wii u gamepad e3 2012

The future of gaming. Maybe possibly the face of gaming. Definitely the worst thing I've ever watched.

nintendo wii u miiverse

wii u e3 2012

wii u e3 2012

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