Hyrule Warriors to feature a unique Adventure mode

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The universe has listened and the stars have aligned... well, at least for me. As a big fan of the Warriors franchise, the cross between Zelda and Dynasty Warriors is a pretty big dream come true for me. Last night, Nintendo Direct shared some more details on Hyrule Warriors, shedding light on some new characters, weapons, stages and modes.

One of the more interesting modes available in Hyrule Warriors is the Adventure Mode. Here, players will traverse an overworld similar to the first Legend of Zelda. Each map tile will present the player with a specific goal. As these goals are completed, the map gradually unlocks and allows players to complete more challenges.

However, diligent Zelda fans will be able to utilize various items to reveal hidden passages and items by using the Search command. These limited commands are able to reveal hidden spots on each map screen, and then thanks to a secondary item, can reveal a secret.

Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode

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