Hyrule Warriors getting new mode in day one patch

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Before a game launches it goes through a series of bug checks and fixes, but sometimes the bugs hide pretty well. A lot of times bugs are discovered by gamers trying out combos the developers didn't try out or when they explore different regions.

Either way, bugs happen in launched games and when they do the devs send out a update to patch them out. Hyrule Warriors has yet to make its way to North America, but it was released in Japan. You could say Japan was bug testing for us.

When it comes to Hyrule Warriors the devs are doing more than just sending out an update to fix them, they are adding in a new game mode with the patch. This announcement was nestled in a Tweet addressing the bugs:

Translation: Updates that address nearly defect, which has been able to confirm, was also added little new mode, development corresponding completion. We are currently checking it for the delivery. And we are working to be able to deliver as soon as possible to you! Please wait a little more!

While what the game mode is we do know it will be free and a day one patch.

Hyrule Warriors is set to launch on September 26th in North America.

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