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Hyrule recreation in Minecraft is impressive


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will forever be known as one of the most wonderful games ever developed. Because of its legacy, as well as its awesomeness back in 1998, it holds a special place in many gamers' hearts. It seems a group of fans has decided to show its dedication to Ocarina of Time through Minecraft.

Hyrulecraft is a recreation of Ocarina of Time in its entirety. The team behind this ambitious project spent nine months working on a 1:1 replica of the iconic game, and it looks pretty freakin' impressive. I mean, just see for yourself in this trailer on YouTube.

The Hyrulecraft team is currently alpha testing the map, and you can download it for yourself to see how it plays. An entire server dedicated to the map is currently in the sights of the Hyrulecraft team, and the folks responsible for this nice homage plan on having that ready by the end of the year. Additionally, plans for "NPCs, dungeons, free build zones, guilds, and more" are in the works.

Seriously, this is pretty impressive stuff. While watching the trailer, I was surprised to see the attention to detail that some of the many familiar landmarks of Hyrule had been given. If you play Minecraft and fancy yourself a Zelda fan, you should definitely check Hyrulecraft out.

[Source: GenGame]

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