Hurry! Snag indie game Chester for free on Desura!

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Indie developer Brilliant Blue-G has announced that its popular 2D platformer, Chester, is available for free. This special deal is only going on for 48 hours, so I would suggest you hurry up and snag the game quick. Go on! On yer bike!

Chester was praised for its enjoyable gameplay and varied art design. The game's levels all offer a different visual treat, from hand-drawn art to pixel graphics. It really is worth checking out based on its visuals alone.

Also, did I mention it's free? Yeah, even if you're highly skeptical about Chester, it wouldn't cost much of anything to download it for free and check it out for yourself. Think of it as a demo; except if you like it, you have the rest of the game to play, and you still didn't have to pay a dime!


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