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Hunting Season Opens Dec. 16, 2008 with Deer Drive for Wii

December 9, 2008

Hunting Season Opens Dec. 16, 2008 with Deer Drive for Wii

Arcade-Style Multi-Player Action Hunting Comes to Wii for the First Time

Video game publisher Mastiff announced today that the award-winning arcade-style, multi-player hunting game Deer Drive for Wii(tm) will ship to major gaming retailers across North America on Dec. 16, 2008.

Deer Drive brings arcade-style hunting action to the living room with single player, two-player head-to-head and four player party modes. In Deer Drive players can challenge friends to head-to-head competition or enjoy the ultimate four player hunting party. And we do mean 'party.'

In Hunting Party 2 or 4 players compete not just to see who has the best aim, but to win items to use against their rivals like the Screen Shake, In Your Face screen block, and the ultimate challenge - the Upside Down Screen. "Hunting season is open - big time" says Bill Swartz of Mastiff. "Grab a copy of Deer Drive, lock, load and take down some bucks. But be careful or bear, moose and other dangerous animals might be the ones taking you down."

Deer Drive Features:

  • Arcade-style action hunting on Wii for the first time.

  • Single and head-to-head competitive mode

  • Hunting Party mode for 2-4 players

  • Optimized to work with Wii Remote(tm) or the Wii Zapper(tm) accessory.

  • Changing weather, dynamic hunting conditions over varied terrain.

  • Ethical hunting integral to game.

  • Challenging for casual and hard-core players alike.

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