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Hungry? Grab the Limited-Edition Halo Pizza from Pizza Hut


When I was a youngin', most every weekend me and my cronies would throw a "Halo Party." If you'll remember, the original Halo debuted long before Xbox Live, meaning for a true multiplayer experience we were forced to assemble four of those giant ass Xboxes, a stack of heavy tube televisions, and a ridiculous mass of network cables. Sweaty and dirty from the hours of setup, we would celebrate our labors by downing copious amounts of carbonated beverage and devouring an entire party-sized pizza in a matter of minutes.

Though those gigantic pizzas were delicious, I can only wonder how perfect the experience would've been had we access to the Limited-Edition Halo pizza, new from Pizza Hut.

That's right, to celebrate the launch of Halo: Anniversary Edition, Pizza Hut is releasing a limited edition... pizza? Strange as it sounds, we imagine the greasy flavor circle will be the perfect accompaniment to your next Halo session. They've yet to announce exactly what this pizza entails, though we're expecting a Halo shaped ring of dough, the crust stuffed with horrible mutant alien monsters known as the Flood.

Did we mention the pizza is UK-only? Lucky brits...

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