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Humble Gaming Launches EdiMon+ iPhone Game

May 27, 2009

Humble Gaming Launches EdiMon+ iPhone Game

Precursor to full EdiMon game coming in June

Humble Gaming today announced the launch of EdiMon+ on the iPhone available for $1.99 in the iPhone App Store. The game stars the original and lovable on-screen character EdiMon, who is the titular character in all of the upcoming games in the EdiMon brand line-up.

EdiMon+ is a clever and colorful game that requires lightening-fast fingers and gesture-controlled balance to gain points.

Players try their skills in three challenging areas: Weight Lifting, Meditation, and Guessing, each with its own quick tutorial to help players get started. All three games have five levels of increasing difficulty.

In the Weight Lifting game, getting in shape requires energy while lifting weights. Players must provide energy to the EdiMon character by tapping two buttons of the same color simultaneously, among a field of many buttons. As players move to higher levels, the colorful buttons appear at a faster and faster pace, and…watch out!...after Level 3 you’re in for a special challenge!

The Meditation game lets players use the built-in accelerometer to tilt their iPhones in all four directions to stop EdiMon from falling over and breaking a meditative state. It’s not as easy as it appears, especially at the higher levels of difficulty. Players can score additional points if they can also tap on fast-appearing stationery and flying insects and birds that cause distraction in the natural environment.

In the Guessing game, players must keep up with what EdiMon is thinking. A “thought bubble” appears above EdiMon’s head which displays an object. Players must quickly decide which of several on-screen objects match up with what they think is in EdiMon’s thoughts, and tap the correct object to gain points. The challenge is that the various objects to choose among may be reversed, backwards, upside down, or in other ways different views of the object inside EdiMon’s thoughts.

Players can post winning scores on a score board at the end of each game. Players of all ages can enjoy EdiMon+ and the fun can start right now by ordering the game on the iPhone App Store.

For more information about EdiMon+, visit

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