Humble THQ Bundle ends with $5M total

Darksiders Screenshot - Humble THQ

The THQ Bundle, a very non-indie fundraiser from Humble Indie Bundle, earned $5 million for THQ, charity, and Humble Bundle itself.

Donations benefited the Child's Play charity and the American Red Cross, but contributors could also split part of their money to go toward the financially troubled video game publisher THQ, which is doing anything it can to stay in business — like it's free Facebook giveaway of Metro 2033, running until December 16.

The event sold 885,251 bundles with the average cost at $5.76. Jason Rubin, THQ's president, ranked as the top contributor with a $10,000 donation.

The bundle include games such as Metro 2033, Saints Row: The Third, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Darksiders, Company of Heroes, and others.

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