Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes Legend of Grimrock, Indie Game: The Movie, and more

Legend of Grimrock Screenshot - Humble Indie Bundle 7

The latest Humble Indie Bundle includes an old-school dungeon crawler, a film about indie development, and a game from the creator of Super Meat Boy.

Pay what you want — or an average of around $6, which will get you everything the bundle has to offer: last year's PC/Mac version of Dungeon Defenders (plus downloadable content), the recent action-role-playing game Legend of Grimrock, the camera-themed puzzle game Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac from Edmund McMillen (the creator of Super Meat Boy) and the accompanying Wrath of the Lamb DLC, the puzzle-platformer Closure, Indie Game: The Movie, and beat-em-up Shank 2.

You'll also receive six soundtracks. Once again, this is a great deal (around a $140 value) for a small price. All of the games work for PC, Mac, and Linux, and you can unlock Steam keys when you pay at least $1.

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