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Humble Bundle reveals the next headliner game for their monthly subscription pack

$12 bucks a month gets you a bundle of games worth upwards of $125

Humble Monthly is a $12 dollar monthly subscription that gets you about 7 games whose total costs is usually 10 times as much as the bundle itself. So to put it simply, if you are a game collector who is looking for value, this is one of the best options out there, plus it doesn't hurt that you are donating to charity. In many ways the bundle is like a Loot Crate of digital games, you don't know (for the most part) exactly what you're getting, only that you aren't overpaying for what's inside.

Before each bundle releases, Humble Bundle teases you with the headliner game that will be included. The retailer just revealed the game for the September 2016 bundle and it will be 2015's Survival Horror game, SOMA. Past headliners have included Alien Isolation, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Mad Max.

SOMA released in September of last year to the tune of an overall Metacritic score of 84. We loved the game when we reviewed it, noting the game's atmosphere and storytelling as its main strengths. The game throws you into an isolated underwater facility with no context for what is happening and forces you to explore in order to uncover its many secrets. 

You can purchase the September Humble Monthly pack right now and unlock SOMA instantly. And just for reference, SOMA retails for $29.99, so if you've been looking for a cheaper price on the game, you're getting it 60% off, plus whatever comes in the rest of the bundle. That's not bad at all.

Source: [Humble Monthly]

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