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Humble Bundle Monthly reveals headliner game for $12 bundle for June 2016

Considering the cost of all the games, it's a steal

Humble Bundle Monthy just released its Bundle for May 2016, with Avalanche Studios' Mad Max as its headliner game. The total worth of the bundle was $172.92, so for $12, you are getting quite the bargain. While that bundle has now passed, you can get in on the bundle for June 2016, and by paying right now, you can unlock its now revealed headliner game, Rocket League right away.

Rocket League has been immensely popular since it released back in July 2015 and has constantly rolled out new and free content updates, including a basketball mode. Rocket League currently retails for $19.99, so you're getting a pretty sweet discount on the one game alone, not to mention the 7 other games that will come with it early next month.

The game features cross-play between PC and Xbox One with PS4 already "figured out". This is definitely something we could get used to from every game.

Source: [Humble Bundle website]

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