Humble Bundle introducing weekly deals on games like Bastion

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Humble Bundle, which offers fantastic deals on multiple select games, will now be available in smaller form on a more regular basis.

The Humble Weekly Sale is a pay-what-you-want promotion where a sale on a single game pops up every Tuesday and lasts for exactly one week. Customers can still choose how to distribute their purchase, splitting the payment between the developer, charities, and Humble Bundle.

The first sale is on Bastion for PC, Mac, and Linux. The action-role-playing game is DRM-free and comes with a Steam key at $1. Pay more than the average, and you can grab the digital soundtrack, previously unreleased digital art pack (exclusive to the promotion), sheet music, and even iPhone/Android ringtones.

Put down $25 or more, and you'll receive physical rewards: a copy of the Bastion soundtrack CD, a bandana, a postcard, and a postcard for developer Supergiant Games' newly announced title, Transistor.

The deal on Bastion is going on now for a limited time.

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[via Polygon]

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