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Humble Bundle Has A Minimum Donation Requirement


The Humble Indie Bundles were a way for gamers to get their hands on some truly great indie titles that otherwise could have been overlooked, and in return help out by giving money to the Child's Play foundation.

The bundle always prided itself on letting people pay what they want, in order to get access to these games. That meant that if you wanted, you could pay $.50 and get away with way over $20 worth of indie games. Of course you also have to live with yourself knowing that you only donated that little. Something that folks over at the Humble Bundle started with the latest bundle to try and encourage higher donations, was to offer bonus games if each person paid over a certain amount, which at the time was $3 - $5.

Apparently people are still paying less than a dollar despite these bonus offers, which then progressed into making the Bundle now only available if a minimum of a 1$ is donated.

I personally think this is a great idea. First of all, if you've ever purchased something from them, you know you must then use three separate sliders to figure out who gets what percentage of the amount you donated. A part goes to the indie developers, part goes to the Child's Play Foundation, and a part goes to the Humble Bundle people themselves. If someone decides to donate anything under a dollar, not only do they make out with awesome games that are normally far more expensive on their own, they also don't really help out anybody.

A dollar should be the minimum for something that not only gives gamers great games to play, but also supports a good cause.

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