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Hudson Entertainment Grabs Number One App Store with Catch the Egg

March 3, 2010

Hudson Entertainment Grabs Number One App Store with Catch the Egg

The Quirky iPhone and iPod touch Game Grabs New Fans as Top Free App Thanks to Hudson’s Weekly App Store Sales

A charming new sport has taken iPhone and iPod touch gaming by storm in the form of Catch the Egg. Published by Hudson Entertainment, the North and South American subsidiary of Hudson Soft, Catch the Egg was featured on Hudson’s weekly App Store sale. Thanks to the sale, the game caught a new wave of fans, helping to propel Catch the Egg to the top of the App Store charts in 18 countries. Catch the Egg was the most downloaded game from February 19 – 23.

“We have wonderful Hudson fans all over the world to thank for the success of Catch the Egg,” said Sabine Duvall, VP of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment. “We’ve had a great opportunity to showcase such a clever and entertaining app through the weekly Hudson App Store sale.”

Catch the Egg’s gameplay uses the iPhone and iPod touch accelerometer in a new ground-breaking way to immerse mobile gamers in the world’s craziest egg-catching competition. Using a form of augmented reality, Catch the Egg has competitors looking upwards with their iPhone or iPod touch. As an egg falls from the sky, gamers must quickly lower their devices in towards them to catch the incoming egg without breaking it. Accomplishment tracking and replay data let you relive your most reassured egg catches. Catch the Egg is now available on the App Store for $3.99.

Continuing the iPhone and iPod touch promotions, the original Aqua Forest will be on sale on the App Store from March 4 to March 11. Check out Hudson’s Twitter at every Thursday moving forward to find out what game will be on sale (or free!).

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