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How You'll Be Updating Street Fighter IV on June 7


June 7 is the date for the release of the Arcade Edition DLC for Super Street Fighter IV. The new version adds four new characters, character balancing, new EX moves, among others. Whether you're excited for the DLC or you just want to stick to the regular game, read on.

Capcom will be rolling out a multi-stage update process for the content. A standard title update will hit that day followed by your choice of two different DLC packs. You'll have to download one of them to continue playing online.

One pack is a free "Update Kit" that lets you stay compatible with everyone without paying for the Arcade Edition. If you want all the new goodies you'll have to pony up 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99. When Update Kit players face Arcade Edition players, the features and balance will revert to the vanilla Super Street Fighter IV style.

Normally this wouldn't seem like a hugely important change, but depending on how Capcom presents this info in-game, it may be worth acknowledging ahead of time. I've had more than enough run-ins with DLC update issues for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to know these patch/DLC combos don't always go so smoothly.

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