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How You Can Own a 3D Figure of Your Xbox Avatar


Microsoft has teamed up with merchandise companies to bring you their new “Unleash Your Avatar” service. The service allows you to get a huge print of your Xbox Avatar, a 3D figurine, or a Zune with your avatar etched onto the back. This is the world we live in, folks.

The prints are by FatHead, the popular wall graphic company that specializes in sports-related prints. The graphics can be made as large as 4 feet by 6.5 feet and sport your avatar in one of ten poses.

The 3D figurines are being made by FigurePrints, which takes 3D modeling technology used in special effects houses to mold complex three-dimensional sculptures. Here's a video of the process in action:

Lastly, gamers can buy a Zune with their avatar etched into the back. For a limited time, Microsoft is offering a $70-off promotion that includes a free AC adapter.

Does anyone actually love their Xbox Avatar enough to do this? I imagine if you have some money to burn, at would at least be a fun way to get a very personalized Ezio or Isaac Clarke figure, considering all the fancy avatar outfits Microsoft has for sale.

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