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How to record more than 30 seconds on Xbox One

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Like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One has a built-in game DVR, allowing users to record and share their most memorable gaming moments. However, it seems some Xbox One users are a little confused as to how the system works -- with some believing it only allows you to capture 30 second clips.

That's actually not the case, as Microsoft's Albert Penello has explained exactly how the XBox One game DVR works.

"We are always buffering 5min. "Xbox, Record That" grabs 30 sec," Penello clarified. "Think about it like a holy crap moment you want to grab."

Penello went on to explain that you can record up to five minutes, but that requires accessing the system's actual  Game DVR app.

"To get past 5 min, you would snap Game DVR and get the full 5 min," he added. "You can also snap Game DVR and manually record 5 min forward."

So basically the "Xbox, Record That" command will only record the past 30 seconds. If you want to access the past five minutes -- which Xbox One automatically records at all times as a rolling five minutes -- you simply snap Game DVR. The Game DVR app will also give you the option to record the next five minutes. 

The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, will record your last 15 minutes of gameplay by pressing the "Share" button on the DualShock 4 controller.

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