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How to Open the Sunleth Waterscape Gate (300AF) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

The Sunleth Waterscape (300AF) is littered with gates, artifacts, fragments and special items. In this installment we guide you through this treasure trove of goodies, and smash some pesky flan while we're at it. Also: a new ability, the moogle throw!
Items to be found:
- 625 Gil
- Silver Bangle
- Librascope
- 8 Mana Chips
- Spark Ring
- Wild Artefact
- 7 Vitality Chips
- Zephyr Ring
- Map of Sunleth Waterscape
- Ember Ring
- Combat Artefact
- Unicorn Horn
- Frost Ring
- 960 Gil
- 9 Vitality Droplets
- Thundering Artefact
- Extraordinary Egg Fragment
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