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How to install The Elder Scrolls Online Add-ons


If you've been playing The Elder Scrolls Online, you may have gotten the itch to change around the game's UI a bit. Maybe the compass isn't doing it for you, and you'd rather have a mini-map. Perhaps you want to filter out gold spammers. Or maybe you want the game's map to show you locations to Skyshards! Whatever the case may be, The Elder Scrolls Online fully supports Add-Ons, and there is already a helpful site that is compiling them all.

You can head on over to, which already has a bunch of add-ons that can modify the game to your liking. But how exactly do you make these Add-Ons work?

Before you wrack your brain by trying to find the add-ons folder in the installation directory, I'll help you out.

  1. First, pick the add-on you want to use and download the Zip file.
  2. Then go to the My Documents (or just Documents) folder on your PC.
  3. There, navigate to the Elder Scrolls Online folder, then into the live folder, and lastly into the AddOns folder.
  4. Open the Zip files and drag the folders from there into the AddOns folder you just navigated to.
  5. Lastly, boot up the game and enable these Add-Ons from the main menu.

Also check back later to check out our list of recommended Add-Ons to get the most out of your game.

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