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How to get those coveted Steam Holiday Sale Snow Globe Trading Cards

Snow Globe Trading Cards

Earlier this year, Valve gamified gaming with the introduction of Steam Trading Cards, digital cards you could collect by purchasing and playing games among performing other Steam-related tasks. Playing most games on Steam will now reward you with cards which you can turn in when you collect the full set for a badge and other digital prizes. In addition to these regular cards, Valve introduced special edition cards that could be collected during special events, like the Steam Summer Sale. 

Keeping true to form, the 2013 Steam Holiday Sale has its own set of Snow Globe Trading Cards. Collecting all 10 will allow you to craft the Snow Globe badge and get other rewards, like an exclusive in-game item from one of Steam's top Free to Play games. The items, by the way, are both tradable and marketable.

Currently, there are five ways to earn Snow Globe cards during the Holiday Sale. Here they are:

Craft a game badge

Each game badge you craft (by completing the game's set of cards) will earn you one game badge. Any game badge you earned starting December 10th will reward you with a Snow Globe card rather than a coupon.

Make a purchase

For every $10.00 spent during the sale you'll receive a Snow Globe trading card.

Vote for the Community's Choice Flash Sale

For this one you need to be Steam Level 5 or above. Every eight hours, Valve puts up a selection of three games that could potentially go on sale. It's up to the Steam community to vote on what game why would like tos ee discounted. This is known as the Community's Choice Flash Sale and you can get a card every third time you vote in it. If you earn Level 5 before the end of the sale, you'll be granted the cards you earned by voting.

Trade for them

Valve's collectible cards are tradable. So if you have a group of friends see if you can work out a trade. There's even a Steam Trading Cards group set up to assist you. Remember, you can mix and match any cards to work out a trade with someone, it doesn't have to just be Snow Globe cards.

Buy them from the Community Market

Rather than trading, you can opt to buy the cards you need to complete your collection. They are fairly cheap, but if you find yourself in need of some cash you can also sell the cards you don't need. So if you find yourself with any duplicate cards, feel free to sell them and add some cash to your Steam Wallet which you can use to buy games or the cards you need.

There you have it, five ways to earn all 10 Snow Globe Trading Cards. The Steam 2013 Holiday Sale ends on January 3, 2014, so get collecting!

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