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How to get into Final Fantasy XV's Multiplayer Expansion Closed Online Test next week

It's really not that hard!

How to get into Final Fantasy XV's Multiplayer Expansion Closed Online Test next week

Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer expansion, Comrades, is set to release soon, but before that, the expansion needs to go through some testing. Square Enix is planning a test for the expansion next week and it's not that difficult to get into.

All you need to do is hit the following requirements...


  • Own FFXV
  • Own the FFXV Season Pass
  • Subscribe to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to play in the closed online test which will be available from August 3rd to August 8th. The closed online test will allow participants to create, control and save up to eight avatars, which will be customizable (limited customization).

The multiplayer test will put participants in a 'test version base camp' with a playable custom tutorial. The custom tutorial will feature three quests that branch off in up to three different legs. Players will be able to choose one of the three quests and will be rewarded with meteorshards upon completion, though the shards will not be usable in the test environment.

In the test, players will be able to interact with one another using preset chat messages or voice chat.

Additionally, the multiplayer expansions attack patterns will "vary from those of Noctis" and players will have the choice between katana, club, dagger, and shuriken weapons. Royal Sigils will also be featured in the test, allowing players to equip one of four default sigils.

All of the features in the test environment will be expanded upon once the expansion releases. There will be more avatar options, more areas to explore, more weapons, more quests, and quite a bit more online features. In the future players will be able to make Camps for meetups with friends, expand/customize preset Chat Messages, receive Quest Report Cards, take new Photographs, and more!

You can get more details here.

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