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How to fix your PS4's pixelated resolution on a Sony Bravia

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So you just bought a PS4, congratulations! You hook it up, press the Power button, you're awaiting to see that PS logo, all crisp on your 1080p TV, and then you realize, it's not so smooth. In fact, it's pixelated and looks like crap! Don't fear, it's not a problem with your PS4, it's actually a problem with your TV.

Turns out the Sony Bravia models have some sort of issue when connecting other HDMI inputs and not displaying the picture correctly. Thankfully, all you need is a simple firmware update to your TV. Yeah, I didn't know those existed either.

All you'll need is a USB flash drive, any size will do since the download is small, and make sure it's formatted to FAT32. If it's not, plug it into your computer, right click on its location and click Format. In that menu, just select the File System as FAT and click Start and you're good to go.

Then go to this link and download the file at the bottom of the page. Transfer it to your USB flash drive and you're set.

Turn on your TV and plug the Flash Drive into the USB. Then turn off your TV and turn it back on. The screen will be black, but rest assured that this is fine, this means that your TV's firmware is being updated.

Once it's done, it will reboot and you're good to go. You can now enjoy your PS4 in crisp quality.


  1. Get a USB Flash Drive and download the file from this site
  2. Transfer the file
  3. Turn on your TV and plug your USB Flash Drive
  4. Turn off your TV and then turn it back on
  5. Congratulations! You're fixed!
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