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How to fix your broken Xbox One disc drive

Xbox One

Regardless of how much technology changes, some things will never change. As most are aware, some users have been reporting issues with their Xbox One, specifically identifying a grinding noise when inserting a Blu-ray into the disc drive.

The immediate reaction is to contact Xbox support and demand a new console, but as you see in the video below sometimes all it takes is a few good whacks to fix something.

Pretty hilarious, but I don't recommend you actually do this. Who knows if this is a long term fix or not; you could be doing more harm than good in the end. Even though this particular user got his Xbox One to stop grinding, I'd still call support and get a new console.

It actually reminds of the scene in Armageddon, where the Russian astronaut gets the ship to work by smacking it with a wrench. Different technology, but the same fix applies.

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