How to fix your broken Xbox One disc drive

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox One

Regardless of how much technology changes, some things will never change. As most are aware, some users have been reporting issues with their Xbox One, specifically identifying a grinding noise when inserting a Blu-ray into the disc drive.

The immediate reaction is to contact Xbox support and demand a new console, but as you see in the video below sometimes all it takes is a few good whacks to fix something.

Pretty hilarious, but I don't recommend you actually do this. Who knows if this is a long term fix or not; you could be doing more harm than good in the end. Even though this particular user got his Xbox One to stop grinding, I'd still call support and get a new console.

It actually reminds of the scene in Armageddon, where the Russian astronaut gets the ship to work by smacking it with a wrench. Different technology, but the same fix applies.

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