How to beat Mutantomato (Boss Guide) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough


We've taken care of that damn time anomaly, and now his Royal Ripeness has been sized down to a simple Mutantomato. Time to show him who's boss and claim the Mutantomato fragment.
Boss Battle Strategy Guide:
Mutantomato is a bit of a pushover, and once staggered will simply lay down and wait for death. As such, the only thing to do is stagger the big piece of produce as quickly as possible. A team of Ravager, Ravager, Commando will likely do the trick quite well, but do switch over to a Sentinel team when his arms go up for a big pound attack. Keep a medic on staff in case your team is a bit too weak to immediately slam him down, while any Poison-preventing accessories will help defend against the Belch attack.
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