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How to beat Aloeidai (Boss Guide) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

ACT III - Yaschas Massif (010 AF): Hope Appears

In this installment we leave the Bresha Ruins, after picking up the Eclipse Artefact and the Reuinion Artefact. Then it's through the gate and onto Yaschas Massif to take on the deadly Aloeidai, where a familiar face from Final Fantasy XIII shows up to help save the day...

Topics Covered:

  • Where to find the Eclipse Artefact
  • Where to find the Reunion Artefact
  • Traveling to Yaschas Massif (10AF)
  • Avoiding the Ravagers using spotlights
  • Setting up paradigms for the battle with Aloeidai
  • Boss fight against Aloeidai
  • Reunion with Hope

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