How Titanfall fuses single player elements with multiplayer-only gameplay

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Titanfall doesn't have your traditional single player campaign. Instead, the highly anticipated shooter will fuse single player elements with multiplayer gameplay in a way that gives purpose to your matches.

Unlike games like Call of Duty and Battlefield which have a standalone single player campaign and then a completely separate multiplayer entity that simply drops you into online matches, Titanfall will look to set the mood and tone. As explained by producer Drew McCoy, the beginning of each match in Titanfall will have something that "introduces you to the level and the story of what's happening."

"And then while you're playing there will be stuff happening around you that's part of the story," he added. It concludes with a brief epilogue that functions as sort-of a bonus round that brings closure to the match. For the demo shown at Gamescom and PAX, the losing team had to attempt to escape the level by getting to the evac ship.

Got all that? Just watch the video below to get a better idea.

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