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How Tearaway Unfolded's companion app lets you change the game

Silly pictures incoming

It’s been nearly a year since Tearaway Unfolded, the PS4 version of the original platformer, was first revealed, but developer Media Molecule is only just now offering a glimpse inside the game’s companion app. In a recent post to the PlayStation Blog, Community Manager Jenny Lawrence outlined the bulk of the app’s features, from second-screen support to arts-and-crafts.

Tearaway’s companion app works in tandem with the PlayStation App, and can be used on the same platforms—tablets, smartphones and PS Vita. All devices support second-screen functionality, which is integral to the app’s live changes.

The app’s most basic use is pasting hand-drawn creations into the game in real-time, sending miniatures of the drawing fluttering about the screen. Images captured with a camera can also be cut, edited and imported into the game.

The app’s context-sensitive nature ensures that all changes are applied to wherever the player’s Messenger (character/protagonist) is currently located. Players can also use the app to customize their Messenger. Photos of real-world objects and people can be applied like any other accessories, sometimes resulting in the horrifying pig creature seen in the video above.

You can track your creations via Tearaway’s dedicated site, which serves as a hub for your papercraft shenanigans. Other players’ projects and photos can also be viewed, including the regularly updated “Community Picks.”

Tearaway Unfolded will release on PS4 September 8 in the US, September 9 in the EU and September 11 in the UK.

Source [PlayStation Blog

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