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How Pokkén Tournament fights rage-quitting

Pretty effectively, actually


Pokkén Tournament is firmly against players who leave in the middle of matches. Seeking to avoid the multiplayer pitfalls that plagued Street Fighter 5, the game punishes rage-quitting by docking in-game currency.

Although at different speeds, Street Fighter 5 and Pokkén Tournament reached remarkably similar solutions to rage-quitting. Street Fighter 5 penalizes rage-quitters by hitting their League points, which determine competitive rank. In the same vein, Eurogamer reports, Pokkén Tournament docks Poké Gold, which is used to purchase cosmetic items and customize fighters.

Unlike Street Fighter 5, however, Pokkén Tournament is up-front about its rage-quitting policy, and has been from minute one. The game’s training guru, Nia, explicitly cautions players against quitting mid-match, whereas Street Fighter 5’s still-watery solution was patched in after weeks of rampant and abusive quitting. Capcom says they're working on a more permanent solution. I say they give Nia a call. 

Source: Eurogamer 

Image: Eurogamer 

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