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How long is The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC?

The Walking Dead 400 Days - Vince

The Walking Dead 400 Days, the upcoming add-on for Telltale Games' episode adventure, will be about the same length as an episode from Season One, the developer/publisher told GameZone. 

400 Days is said to bridge the gap between Season One and Season Two of The Walking Dead. It features five different stories spanning the time between when the infection first begins and what I assume will be the beginning of the next season -- though we were only shown the first story, Day 2. Although each of the five stories will be different, featuring new characters, they will all share a unified setting, a local diner. We're also not sure exactly how, but the characters in each of the different stories will show up or play a role in the the stories of other characters. The decisions you make will also contribute to how those remaining stories unfold.

Which brings me to my next point: how the heck will Telltale manage to fit five individual storylines all into one episode that is "about the same size as one episode in Season One," which lasted about two to three hours, tops, each?

While at E3 we were shown the first of 400 Days' five storylines, Day 2. Lasting about 15 minutes total, it focused on a character named Vince, a man convicted of a crime in which he shot a stranger for reasons unknown. Being hauled off to prison with two others, the drive is interrupted by the zombie outbreak. Needless to say, it was an intense 15 minutes, but one that seemed entirely way too short. Of course, it helps knowing Vince will again show up in the future episodes.

At two or three hours, it may seem difficult for Telltale to squeeze in the introduction of five or so new characters. But at $4.99, I don't think they are attempting much more than simply getting us hyped for Season Two by introducing us to the new characters.

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