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How long does the Xbox One Play & Charge battery last?

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

We all know the Xbox One will ship with two AA batteries already included, but those of you who are purchasing the official Play & Charge Kit may be wondering how much time the battery back will give you. Microsoft has said the rechargeable battery will last about "30 hours" on a three-hour charge which is about 20% more playing time then the Xbox 360's Play & Charge battery.

In comparison, the controller powered by AA batteries will "usually last about 40 hours," according to claims made by CVG.

So the big question: AA batteries or Play & Charge? For those who don't want to fumble around with batteries, the Play & Charge Kit costs $74.99 while an extra wireless controller is priced at $59.99. Now all you have to do is figure out how long it'll take before the cost of purchasing AA batteries surpasses the $15 price difference between the two.

But hey, at least those first two batteries are free! Glass half-full, people.

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