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How about some Dark Souls 2 screenshots for your Thursday evening?

1156042 Gallery_small_battleincave Gallery_small_bloodstain Gallery_small_bonfireclearillusion Gallery_small_coveredbymoss Gallery_small_darkspiritinvasion Gallery_small_deathmoment Gallery_small_enemy Gallery_small_goingthroughillusions Gallery_small_illusion Gallery_small_illusiongoingby Gallery_small_illusionshint Gallery_small_invadervscooperator Gallery_small_invasion Gallery_small_max3coop Gallery_small_message Gallery_small_messagestruth Gallery_small_otherplayers Gallery_small_searching Gallery_small_searchingillusion Gallery_small_startmenu Gallery_small_summoningsign Gallery_small_together Gallery_small_whitephantom

Whenever I think Dark Souls II is coming out right around the corner, I realize that March is actually four months away. That’s like… one third of a year. That’s really f@#$ing far away!

“I can’t take this…”

Even with the whole “next gen” movement starting tomorrow, Dark Souls II is still easily my most anticipated game of 2014. I can’t wait. So whenever a new slew of screenshots fall upon my lap I look, drool, get excited, and then get sad that’s it’s so far off still!

Since I’m a sadist, I want all of you to take a gander at these screenshots and fall into my world of pain and anticipation. Enjoy! 

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