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Housing prices lowering in Final Fantasy 14

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Square Enix has announced that housing prices in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn will be lowering, starting in January 2014. 

Game producer/director Naoki Yoshida made the announcement in the game's forums, saying that the decision was reached due to a "prodigious amount of gil in circulation" in the game's legacy worlds -- far more than they imagined. Initially, they wanted to avoid having the wealthiest players snatching up all the plots of land. After conducting an in-depth survey, they found "that the wealthiest players in each world had at their disposal an amount of gil that was considerably higher than one would imagine. In each legacy world, there are more than ten players in possession of over one hundred million gil. Even in non-legacy worlds, there are a significant number of players with several million gil." 

Due to this, the following adjustments are being made:

  • Land prices will start at the figures indicated in the patch notes
  • From January 2014, devaluation will be adjusted every two weeks
  • After three months, final land prices will match those of World Group 3

Also, personal housing will be more affordable than free company housing, but there is not a specific date on when personal housing will be implemented. 

You can find more information on the matter HERE.

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