Housemarque teases local co-op in Resogun DLC

Resogun Screenshot - 1163077

Earlier this month, Housemarque teased that the new DLC coming to Resogun will make you "forget how good the original was." If the response to what appears to be an image teasing new incoming features is any indication, then they are absolutely right.

Yesterday, Housemarque posted an image teasing local co-op for Resogun. The picture is of two developers sitting together playing the action-packed, fast-paced shoot 'em up.

"First of many things to come #RESOGUN #DLC #teaser," the developer teased on Twitter. There wasn't really a follow-up to the post, but do we really need one?

Resogun launched last November alongside the PS4, and was one of the few very well-received launch titles for the system. It was also part of the free PlayStation Plus lineup that month.

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