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Hotline Miami dev says DLC will be 'about as long as the full game'


It looks like some sizable DLC is coming to the recent indie hit Hotline Miami. The game, which launched last month on PC download platforms, features top-down action gameplay, high levels of violence, and killer style. It makes sense then that add-on content is planned for the engrossing and stylish title.

Speaking to Eurogamer, creators Jonatan "Cactus" Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin gave some insight on what fans can expect from future Hotline Miami content. New storylines, angles, and twists have all been hinted at, and there are even talks of bringing a level editor to the game.

DLC will be somewhat of a quasi-sequel, continuing the game's story and being about the same length as the main title. "I think we're going to do quite a big project," explained Soderstrom. "It will probably be about as long as the full game, so probably we'll charge something for it. It will be like a sequel kind of, but building on the story."

Hotline Miami is easily one of the most refreshing experiences of the year. With talks of DLC and a possible Vita version, the future looks bright for this fledgling IP. Here's hoping Dennaton continues to breath life into this promising action-packed gore fest.


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