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'Hot Tub Time Machine' refuses to be the Great White Buffalo; talks of sequel heating up

hot tub time machine

One of the funniest movies I've seen has to be Hot Tub Time Machine -- the 2010 comedy that had three friends going through problems in their life unexpectedly travel back in time via hot tub to the 80s, all with the potential to change their future. It was a very R-rated comedy that's become a cult-hit on DVD despite only earning $50 million domestically after a $14 million opening weekend. The movie was so bizarre and ridiculous that you couldn't help but find it funny. With a great cast and tons of quotable lines, it makes sense that MGM is entering exploratory talks with stars Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clarke Duke to reprise their roles for a sequel. So far, there's no mention of the first movie's lead, John Cusack, being involved. There's also no word on whether Chevy Chase would be involved again.

The sequel is in very early stages, but if a deal happens it could be fast-tracked through production. Steve Pink is in talks to direct the sequel, which could bring the group to the 90s. I think that would be hilarious, as the 90s not only had the worst fasion, but we had to deal with the music of Prodigy, Aqua, LFO, Right Said Fred, Baja Men, Limp Bizkit and the group who sang the Macarena. Oh, and Creed became a thing... thanks for that. I'll even count Vanilla Ice in there. 

Corddry and Robinson have been hot actors lately, with Corddry winning an Emmy for Children's Hospital and having six movies coming out this year, including the zombie comedy Warm Bodies and Pain & Gain. Robinson is one of the stars of The Office and is starring in this summer's end of the world comedy This is the End with Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, among others. 

hot tub time machine

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