Honest Trailers can't explain how everyone in 'The Avengers' communicates without ear pieces

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YouTube channel Screenjunkies has a series called Honest Trailers where they make honest trailers for different movies. From Twilight to The Hunger Games, no movie is safe from their wrath. The funny thing is, it's usually movies they love but get requests to make. So that's why they recently did an honest trailer for The Avengers, pointing out numerous truths about the film.

Yea, The Avengers discarded the ending of Thor. Yea, it has Captain America in it just because. Yea, I can say "Leather Boobs" and you know who I'm talking about. And how are The Avengers all communicating in the final battle without ear pieces? Regardless of our blind fanboy love of the movie, this is just plain funny.

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