Homefront Stunt Fills SF Bay with Balloons, Angers People

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In an effort to promote the upcoming March 15 launch of Homefront, THQ decided to release 10,000 red balloons into the skies of San Francisco. The stunt was part of a fake protest against the game's scripted North Korean government. Unfortunately, the stunt backfired when the gloomy, wet weather of San Francisco sent the balloons plummeting into the San Francisco Bay. Naturally, residents of the city and environmentalists expressed dissatisfaction toward THQ.

THQ Vice President of Corporate Communications Julia MacMedan assured that the balloons are biodegradable and present no real danger to the Bay. The company also sent a clean-up team to remove the balloons. "[The balloons] start the process of biodegrading as soon as they're blown up with helium. There should not be any environmental concerns."

Despite MacMedan's claims that the Bay area was safe, environmentalists continued to express anger, arguing that animals living in or near the Bay could still be harmed by the material. It is possible that THQ may face consequences as a result of anti-littering laws, though no legal actions have been taken. Next time, THQ, stick to a simple fireworks show or maybe a live theatrical act on the street.


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